Guess the 90s Cheats & Answers

Guess the 90s is a fun new trivia game by Conversion, LLC. In this picture-guessing game, you’ll be traveling down memory lane and feeling very nostalgic as you are reminded of your favorite cultural items from the 1990s! This game is available for Android and all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We love this game and we’ve put together all the Guess the 90s cheats and answers you could ask for!



the 90s!


Guess the 90s Levels & Categories:

guess the 90s categories
Guess the 90s Categories
guess the 90s levels 1-20
Levels 1-20
guess the 90s levels 21-40
Levels 21-40
guess the 90s levels 41-60
Levels 41-60

guess the millennium
Guess the Millennium
guess the 80s
Guess the 80s
guess the emoji
Guess the Emoji
guess the 70s
Guess the 70s

In Guess the 90s, you are presented with an image. This image has a corresponding category, like Toy, TV Show or Celebrity. Using the blank letter slots and your letter bank as well as the category, it’s up to you to guess what famous thing from the 1990s you’re being presented.

Guess the 90s has over 400 levels which will test your knowledge of hit flicks (Pulp Fiction), old school games (Gooey Louie, anyone?) as well as celebrities (ranging from authors to ice skaters). You’ll be reliving the 90s within minutes of playing this game. Sometimes, they get tricky and are looking for the character rather than the actor and with dozens of categories, you might get your 1990s trivia confused once or twice.

The game has in-app hints, you can purchase with coins. It will cost 15 coins to reveal or remove a letter. You can also use 30 coins to skip a level—which is a feature you don’t find in many picture-guessing games! Coins can be earned in-game, you get 4 for every right answer, 60 if you connect to Facebook and 50 if you tweet about the app!

You can also purchase packs of coins (100 coins will set you back $0.99, while 5,000 will cost you $19.99).

But if you run out of coins and don’t feel like paying for any, we’ve put together the answers to every level of Guess the 90s. With our Guess the 90s hints, cheats and level guides, you’ll never get stuck in this game again!