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Guess the 90s is a time machine. Go back to a time when every one had a Nintendo 64 and Saved by the Bell! was still on the air. Get nostalgic over gigabits, furies and The Spice Girls. This fun, picture guessing game will tug at your heartstrings while keeping you entertained! This game is available for all iOS devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, all Android devices as well as Facebook!

With so many places to play, you have no excuse for not downloading Guess the 90s today!




In this game, you’ll be presented with an image and a category. Using the image, your letter bank and the category as clues, ¬†you need to guess what 1990s cultural icon is being represented! There are over 400 levels of Guess the 90s ranging from movies to TV shows to food or toys. ¬†Relive some crazy 1990s moments with Guess the 90s!